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Students at the University of Ghana have expressed their displeasure towards the introduction of online teaching support fees, which was a fee imposed on all public universities by the parliament.

The fees, which amounted to Ghc 100.00 for the University of Ghana, was announced only two weeks before the school reopening without prior notice for preparation on the part of students.

Univers News engaged some agitated students who enlisted their displeasure in the
increment of fees; they were unhappy over the lack of prior official communication ahead of the semester. They believe that the increment was imposed at the wrong time of the academic year and would be difficult for students whose guardians have already made payment.

“It’s quite unfortunate, looking at the fact that the fees were just increased last academic semester, only for us to wake up this morning to find another 100 cedis slapping our faces.”

“It’s so worrying that they haven’t even given any concrete reason for the increments. And now it is going to be difficult for students trying to explain to their parents the additional charges.”

“This is very appalling and disheartening. How on earth do you increase during the course of an academic year? An academic year which is in session and you are increasing fees within that time frame? Not to even talk about, they’re not even communicating it [early] with us.”

In the case of the final year students, equal chagrin was expressed on their part, as they were cross over having to pay additional fees upon their final semester.

“I mean, some of us are in our final year, we have paid our school fees in full, we are done paying our hostel fees, we are just waiting to complete our final semester. Of course, I mean, get out of school, and then from nowhere, an additional fee has been added to the one that we have already paid.”

In explaining the situation, Senior Assistant Registrar at UG’s Public Affairs Directorate, Mad. Pascaline Kuunzungla Songsore revealed that the fees were approved by Parliament, and while some universities have higher fees, others have lower ones.

She also mentioned that the implementation of the fee structure was made at such a time due to a sudden notice received from the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC).

“The GHS100.00 was included in the fees approved by Parliament for the 2023/2024 academic year. This is known as the Online Teaching Support Services fee. It was approved for all public universities – GHS150 for some universities and GHS100 for others. UG was given 100 cedis. It is being implemented now because the notice from GTEC came recently.”

Story by: Asumugha Whitney Amarachukwu |

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