UG: Dean of Students debunks Shatta Wale’s on Reunion Rave cancellation

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Following the cancellation of the TF Reunion Rave, the Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten has debunked rumors fueled by dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, on the involvement of his rival, Stonebwoy, on the event’s cancellation.

In an exclusive interview on Campus Exclusive, the dean explained the event was rather cancelled due to the failure on the part of the Reunion Rave organisers to adequately inform her on the programme’s outline.

“Normally, what happens is that if any event is going to be organized in any hall a request for approval is sent to my Office (Dean’s Office) with an outline of the program they intend to organise. What they said they were going to do on Saturday was Karaoke Night and so we gave approval. As far as I am concerned there is a big difference between a Karaoke Night and Artiste Night.”

The Reunion Rave’s featured artiste, Shatta Wale however took to social media to blame the cancellation on his rival Stonebwoy, who happened to be performing at the same time on campus at the Hilla Limann.

The dean clarified that the University had no ties whatsoever to any of the artistes, along with the cancellation being independent of their involvement.

“The University has no issues with Shatta Wale. The University doesn’t have anything to do with Shatta Wale. Limann Hall sent a letter requesting approval for their programs including Artist Night and I forwarded it to PRO VC because of the ban on public gatherings and the final approval comes from him.”

She further emphasized that while events were still being held on campus, the ban on public gatherings still stands, as a measure to ensure peace within the university.

“The University knows that you cannot keep students indoors all the time without them having a bit of fun. Gradually we are trying to open up. That’s why we are allowing them to have these alumni reunions and events for three or four days in their Halls. Eventually, the ban will be lifted but the University has to be convinced that there is peace.”

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