UGSRC: WOCOM challenges dismissal by President, alleges autocratic behavior from his side

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In a surprising turn of events, Women’s Commissioner of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council (UGSRC) Sandra Amponsah Yeboah has come forward to challenge her recent dismissal by SRC President, Frank Tsikata.

In a detailed statement dated March 29th, 2024, she vehemently denied the accusations leveled against her and accused President Tsikata of displaying autocratic behavior.

The women’s commissioner asserted that she has never neglected her duties and has worked diligently for the betterment of the student body. She pointed to her personal contributions, including organizing events and securing sponsorships, as evidence of her commitment to her role.

Central to the controversy is an incident surrounding a potential sponsorship deal for the SRC’s activities, where the commissioner alleges the president’s autocratic demeanor led to the termination of the partnership.

She further narrated a sequence of events where she faced verbal abuse from the President, hindering her ability to perform her duties effectively. Her dismissal letter is what she describes as “written out of his (the president’s) bruised ego and aftermath of the failed sponsorship which did not come through because of his poor and autocratic approach.”

Despite these challenges, Yeboah maintains that she continued to fulfill her obligations to the best of her abilities, even securing two sponsorship deals for future programs. Both if which were allegedly rejected.

She further argued that her dismissal violates the SRC constitution and called for a fair hearing by the Executive Committee to review the matter.

“As such in accordance with the SRC constitution Article 28 ,the basis for which a Chairperson of a Committee can be removed is when the Chairperson is found to;
(a) be ineffective or inefficient in the performance of his duties; or (b) have behaved in a manner that brings or has the potential to bring the SRC into disrepute or is otherwise inimical to the SRC, the said Chairperson shall be liable to be removed from office by a simple majority of the Executive Committee, which shall consider the matter.”

“I, Sandra Amponsah Yeboah remains Women’s Commissioner until proven otherwise by a fair hearing from the Executive Committee and a decision made by majority of members and not a display of power and breach of constitution by the President.”

She urged President Tsikata to reconsider his actions and to uphold the principles of democracy and transparency outlined in the constitution.

“I would recommend and advise Mr. President, Frank Tsikata as learned as he thinks he is to revisit and revise the SRC constitution thoroughly to avoid mishaps like these in the future since it will continue to tarnish the image of the SRC our forefathers and past leaders worked tirelessly to build.”

See below the statement from the Women’s Commissioner’s office.

Story by: Michelle Lartey |

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