UGSoL clarifies entrance exams fee increment; cites rise in administrative cost, other

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The University of Ghana School of Law (UGSoL) has clarified the increment of entrance exam fees attributing it mostly to various processes involved beyond the exams.

This follows concerns raised over the sudden massive increment in entrance exams fees (from GHc 500 to GHc 2280) for Post-First Degree LL.B (PFD-LLB) applicants, that had been released by the School, prompting questioning and demand for answers from the students and members of the community.

In response to recent feedback, UGSoL released a statement to clarify the recent increment in admission processing fees, citing rise in administrative costs and the inclusion of other costs beyond exam fees, such as interviews.

“1. The new fee of GHS 2,500 encompasses the entire admissions process, including examinations and interviews. It is not limited solely to the entrance examination, as previously misunderstood.

2. Rising Administrative Costs
The increment is necessary to cover the escalating costs associated with administering these entrance examinations and interviews. This ensures a fair and thorough selection process for all applicants.”

It was also clarified that the fees would apply to post first degrees students, considering the distinction in needs, hence the different financial structure.

“The new fees apply specifically to special programs such as the PFD-LLB, which require unique resources and structures. These programs necessitate a different financial structure due to their distinct needs.”

UGSoL also noted that its tuition fee is one of the lowest globally, hence an attempt at making legal education more accessible to all.

“UGSoL maintains one of the lowest undergraduate tuition fees globally, currently below GHS 2,500 for an entire year for SSS entrants. Notably, there is no fee-paying option for regular undergraduate programs, making legal education more accessible to all.”

Conclusively, UGSoL attributed the brouhaha over the fee increment to insufficient communication on their part, expressing remorse for the inconvenience that may have been caused.

“We acknowledge that the communication regarding the fee change was not sufficiently clear and may have caused inconvenience, particularly for applicants who had budgeted based on the initial examination fee of GHS 500. We sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.”

Find below the statement from UGSoL.

Story by: Sandra Ankomah |

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