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The University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) in collaboration with the National Blood Service (NBS) has launched a monthly blood donation exercise from April 9th, 2024 with an aim of raising awareness about the critical need for blood donation within our community to encourage more individuals to donate blood.

Speaking to Univers News, the NBS Deputy Chief Blood Donor Organizer, Madam Joyce Okonadu, stated the purpose of the partnership with UGMC and also reviewed the appropriate requirements and hygienic measures put in place to ensure the safety of both donors and future recipients.

“The purpose is to get a lot of people, to come on board to donate blood to save a lot of lives. You know most of the patients need blood to undergo transfusions, so with the blood of the donors, we would be able to save lives.”

Also gracing the occasion and donating blood himself was the UGMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Obstetrician Gynecologist, Dr. Kwame Anim Boamah. He reiterated the aim of the exercise whilst highlighting its benefits.

‘’Without blood donations, probably no society can survive because every now and then, people need blood and the estimation is about one percent of the population, would need blood at a certain point in time, so if we also get one percent of the population, to voluntarily donate blood, there would not be the need, for example, for family members, or church members to rush to donate blood when a relative needs the blood urgently in the hospital.’’

He further explained that the community reception has generally been poor and encouraged Ghanaians to donate blood to help save a life.

‘’Well, the community reception in general to blood donations in Ghana has been poor. If people were donating blood voluntarily, we will not be needing families to come and replace blood, or when they are going for surgeries.’’

Speaking exclusively to Univers News, blood donors at UGMC, revealed their motivation for participation in the exercise, further advising the public to also participate more in these exercises.

‘’Well, I think the first time, I had to help someone who was in dire need of blood. So, when I heard of this opportunity at UGMC, I just felt like it was also a good time to donate blood again.’’

‘’ I do not even know who the blood is going for, but it is a way of saving someone’s life, it is a way of adding life to somebody. Just imagine, because of my one pint I am going to give, it is going to save someone from dying. It is a good cause. So, because I am a regular donor, it is like I know what is required of me, so I make sure that I am well hydrated and make sure that before the donation, I eat very well.’’

“So I would like to encourage people to always do the same to others to save their lives, because if they have the opportunity to do what we are doing here.’’

Blood donation in Ghana however, faces challenges and misconceptions, as many people have fear in donating blood due to misinformation and lack of proper education on blood donation.

As of 2022, the National Blood Service Ghana reported the service output, disclosing that about 179,765 units of blood were collected across the country and 25% voluntary donations were made. There is hope that there will be an in blood donations in the country overtime.

Story by: Joycelyn Makafui Agbo |

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