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Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) of the University of Ghana Computer Services (UGCS), Mr. Ignatius Francis Kwabena Boachie, has publicized the restoration of internet bandwidth for staff and students following the recent internet disruptions in Ghana caused by an undersea cable cut.

In a statement released on Tuesday, 19th March 2024, Mr. Boachie confirmed the reactivation of the school’s contractual bandwidth with Internet Service Providers (ISP) Telecel and GARNET, ensuring the resumption of online academic activities.

“The two ISPs ( Vodafone, now Telecel and GARNET) have all been able to make available the contractual bandwidth we have with them for international internet bandwidth traffic as of this afternoon. “

Additionally, the CITO ensured the continuity of all disrupted online academic activities. He explained that students and staff who couldn’t access their Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and other vital applications for their virtual classes, online assignments, and projects due to the abrupt internet connection disruptions can now do so without any hitches.

“What this means is that our activities prior to the undersea cable cut should now be able to happen without any issues unless some local problem exists in one unit. So, this is to inform you that we could begin to use all applications (MS Teams, Office 365, Sharepoint, and OneDrive) that we were using prior to the fiber cut.”

In conclusion, he guaranteed a keen follow-up on the progress of internet connectivity to ensure the smooth growth of students’ academics with regard to making available the necessary digital resources.

“We shall monitor the bandwidth and update the community if anything else happens and we also hope to review the number of ISPs we have going forward to ensure we have some redundancies with the sub-sea cable that these ISPs use to serve us,” he noted.

This has stimulated a sense of relief to the students and staff of the community who for a week had been struggling to complete their online assignments, conduct research, and attend virtual classes due to the unreliable internet service on campus.

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