UG: VC launches Legon Leadership Academy initiative

Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
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Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo has launched the Legon Leadership Academy (LLA) initiative as part of a vision to develop leadership capacity of member within the university community.

Legon Leadership Academy.

The LLA initiative would best enhance students, staff and faculty’s work outcomes which would contribute to the university’s progress and growth through innovation, further supporting effective teaching and ground-breaking research. 

In her opening remarks at the academy’s launch, which was held at the Great Hall of the University of Ghana, Prof. Appiah Amfo emphasized the need to equip leaders with the necessary skills to effectively tackle the ever-growing number of contemporary challenges in globalization.

“As a result of contemporary demands of globalization and the changing context of operations within institutions of higher learning, as well as the dynamics at play in corporate institutions, there’s a need for effective and innovative leaders who can respond to emerging challenges with strategy, commitment, and astuteness. Today’s leaders need to skillfully initiate change and transformation and promote optimal organizational level efficiency.”

She believes that the initiative would develop the leadership potential of staff and faculty members of the university to enhance adaptation skills and take advantage of new opportunities for growth.

Prof. Appiah Amfo also highlighted some objectives the initiative sought to achieve such as actively involving identified potential leaders in university governance and management, facilitating structured leadership management training programs among others.

“The LLA aligns with the values of the university regarding our commitment to knowledge generation and application that positively impacts the lives of those within and outside the university community. It also seeks to achieve the following objectives which is to implement programs targeted at developing the skills of potential leaders, create a meritorious program that focuses on honing the skills of a cadre of potential leaders, actively involve the identified potential leaders in university governance and management, facilitate structured leadership and management training programs and finally, help burden leaders understand leadership theories and their practicality.”

She further stated that training modules of the Legon Leadership Academy initiative are not only designed for participants of the university but persons outside the university to ensure that all persons benefit from the initiative.

“The training modules which will be delivered through multiple approaches, have been structured to have topics tailored for UG participants, while others are for the benefit of all, irrespective of institution.”

Guest of Honour for the launch and member on the UG council, Mrs. Yvette Adounvo Atekoe spoke on the importance of the LLA, highlightinh the applicability of the academy’s training in real world and global challenges.

“Leadership training in the modern age demands a blend of theory and practical application, which is why the Legon Leadership Academy will be focused on real world scenarios, ensuring that our future leaders are prepared for the challenges they will face in the real world. They will learn to navigate complex situations, make tough ethical decisions, and inspire teams towards a shared vision. The challenges we face globally, be it climate change, economic disparities, or technological disruptions, require leaders who are not only knowledgeable but visionary and empathetic.”

Having placed emphasis on the importance of the Legon Leadership Academy initiative, Mrs. Yvette Adounvo Atekoe officially launched the LLA initiative and charged participants to embrace their journey with zeal and enthusiasm.

Keynote speaker of the Launch and Executive Vice President and Country Director of Asante Gold Corporation, Ing. Fredrick Attakumah commended the Vice Chancellor for implementing the initiative, also adding that the initiative will lead to long-term positive developmental outcomes for both the university and the Ghanaian society.

“Madam Chairperson, I have followed with great admiration the groundbreaking achievements you have recorded to date at the University of Ghana and would like to state that the Legon Leadership Academy, which is exclusively your initiative, may well be the greatest contribution any Vice-Chancellor can make to this institution.”

“…any initiative that seeks to build leadership capacity in a strategic institution such as the University of Ghana is one that will definitely lead to long-term positive developmental outcomes for both the university and the Ghanaian society at large, and this must be applauded.”

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