UG: MNOs should compensate us for losses incurred during internet disruptions – Students opine

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Radio Univers
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Students of the University of Ghana have called on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to compensate them for losses they have incurred during the internet disruption period.

Following an interview on Citi FM’s Eyewitness News, with the director of the National Communications Authority, Dr. Joe Anokye, he announced that there will be a possible compensation from MNOs to their subscribers for the losses they may have incurred during the internet disruption period.

In line with this, Univers News engaged some students to gather their perspectives on the matter.

Many students were of the view that the compensation was a necessity, due to lack of reflection of data over the subsequent days since the internet disruptions and poor business transactions as well.

“I expect the Mobile Network Operators to compensate us because for the past one week, when we buy data it wasn’t reflecting and when it does reflect, you could not use it and it will expire. Some businesspeople also lost some of their customers; hence, we are looking forward to Network Operators compensating us; at least with 5G data or airtime.”

“When the incident occurred, it was difficult for me to access course materials and attend virtual classes as a student. It affected my studies; I hope that the Network Operators will compensate us.”

In contrast, some of the students did not agree with the need for compensation. In their opinion, the MNOs have also suffered losses during these internet disruptions.

“I don’t expect the Mobile Network Operators to compensate us because I [understand] that they may have also incurred losses during the internet disruption issue.”

In the midst of the mass request for MNOs compensation, Telecel has taken the step to compensate their subscribers for any lost purchases during the internet disruptions. The MNO extended the validity of the allocation of the reimbursement of the purchases for five days beginning from 21st March, 2024.

Story by: Abdul Razak Wahab |

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