UG: Akuafo Hall JCR procures 160 new chairs to improve infrastructure

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Akuafo Hall JCR Procures 160 New Chairs to Improve Infrastructure

The Akuafo Hall Junior Common Room (JCR) at the University of Ghana has taken a significant step towards addressing the long-standing infrastructure deficit in the hall by procuring 160 new chairs for its Annex B. This initiative aims to enhance the overall experience of the hall’s residents.

In a brief ceremony held on June 26, 2023, the JCR officially handed over the 160 chairs to the management of Akuafo Hall. The event was attended by the JCR Executives, led by JCR President MacJordan Odai, as well as the hall management.

Speaking to Univers News ,MacJordan Odai, highlighted the necessity of this undertaking in light of the enduring infrastructure challenges faced by the hall. Due to the high prices of furniture, the JCR decided to focus on addressing the deficit in Annex B initially, with plans to extend the initiative to other blocks in the future.

“We recognized the furniture deficit in certain areas of the hall, particularly in the main hall and Annex B, which has persisted for two to three years. Many rooms lacked furniture. So, when we assumed office, we made it our priority to start this project,” said Odai.

He further explained that the project was financially demanding, considering the cost of furniture and the available funds from JCR dues and other sponsors. Therefore, the decision was made to address the furniture shortage one block at a time. Annex B was chosen as the starting point due to its prolonged deficit, with the procurement of 160 chairs, providing two chairs for each room.

It was cost intensive because of the price of furniture out there. So to take a project  like this is a daring one. Looking at amount of the JCR dues   other sponsors and other things.  it would not be  enough to deal with the entire furniture problem in Akuafo hall. So we took a block to focus on the block. To at least get chairs to sort out residents in that block. Then probably when money comes or the next administration comes, they could also pick up another block and do similar. So we picked up an Annex B, since Annex B has been experiencing the deficit for a longer time, so 160 chairs, meaning two chairs for each room. ” He said

Odai expressed his hope for collaboration with stakeholders and alumni to obtain furniture for other areas of the hall, aiming to improve the well-being of all residents.

“We are also working towards acquiring furniture for other sections of the main hall. This will happen in due course. We hope that stakeholders and alumni of the hall will join and support these projects to reduce the financial burden on the hall management and enhance the residents’ lives,” added Odai.

Prof. Rosina Kyerematen, the Dean of Students Affairs, who was present at the ceremony, praised the JCR for their initiative and encouraged other JCRs to embark on projects that would enhance students’ welfare.

“This is an excellent initiative by the JCR, as it aligns with their role of improving students’ lives. JCRs should prioritize projects that enhance the quality of life for students. This step taken is commendable. Congratulations once again,”

Prof. Kwaku Asante Oppong, the Hall Master of Akuafo Hall, also applauded the JCR’s efforts and urged future administrations to follow suit.

Other attendees at the ceremony included the Senior Hall tutor, Dr. Kodie Frimpong, the Deputy Senior Tutor, Dr. Margaret Ismaila, the Bursar, and other JCR executives.

The estimated cost for the chairs was approximately GHC 25,000, and the JCR aims to undertake similar projects in the future.


The Dean of Students Affairs, Prof Rosina Kyerematen and members of the Hall management
Akuafo hall JCR executives
The JCR President , MacJordan and the Dean of Student Affairs

Over the past year, Akuafo Hall has made significant strides in improving student accommodation on campus. In May 2023, the hall management, in collaboration with the Physical Development and Municipal Services Directorate (PDMSD), completed painting and minor repair works at Annex B.

Additionally, in March of this year, two alumni of the hall, Mr. Thaddeus Sory and Mr. Henry Bukari, donated a total of one hundred mattresses to complement the university’s efforts in expanding residential facilities for students.

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