UDS students give university 1-week ultimatum, demand removal of staff over delayed certificates

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Certain students who have completed their education programmes at the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale are demanding the removal of the university’s Director of Information Technology, Dr. Abdul Wahid Mohammed, and others due to the delay in their graduation and the issuance of their certificates.

The group, known as the ‘Concerned Students of the Sandwich Colleges of Education,’ comprises students from the sandwich programmes in five Colleges of Education: Tumu College of Education, Gambaga College of Education, Saint Vincent College of Education, Dambai College of Education, McCoy College of Education, and Al-Faruq College of Education.

Members of the group claim to have completed their respective colleges between 2021 and 2022 but are yet to receive their certificates from the UDS, which is offering these programmes.

Speaking at a press conference in Walewale, the group stated that the delay in obtaining their certificates from the UDS has severely frustrated their lives.

“Our parents and guardians thought we’ve wasted their money, and they feel scammed. They’re disappointed in us, their wards and spouses,” spokesperson for the group, Christy Avuyem stated.

“Many women have lost peace in their marriages because their supporting husbands feel they have either failed their programme or wasted their money. They [parents and guardians] cannot believe that we’ve completed paying the huge school fees yet came home empty-handed.”

The group further complained on how the situation has also impeded their personal growth and progress.

The disgruntled students questioned why it was taking the UDS, which is regarded as the pride of the North, more than two years to print common certificates when other universities often use just four months after completion to hold graduation ceremonies and issue certificates to their students.

“We cannot seek admissions, neither can we seek promotions, and neither can we pursue higher education because of the absence of our certificates.”

“UDS as the premium university of the north has disappointed the north and proven to be inefficient, hence would hinder the quality of education delivery and patronage of their services.”

The students have issued a one-week ultimatum to the university authorities to immediately release their certificates, or they will face their ‘wrath’. They have also warned that they will carry out a series of radical actions against the university if their demand is not met.

Moreover, the students have demanded the dismissal or resignation of the University’s Director of Information Communication Technology, Abdul Wahid Mohammed, for “anti-student behavior and unprofessional conduct.” They also called for the removal of another officer, Mr. Sammy, from the Students Data System Unit, who they claim has failed to authorize the printing of their certificates.

Additionally, the students have berated the Director for Distance and Continuing Education, Dr. Cecilia Alimatu Issaka, and the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Seidu Al-Hassan, for showing “gross indifference” to their plight.

The students have called on the National Accreditation Board and the Ministry of Education to take a keen interest in the matter for an amicable settlement.

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