Tragedy strikes Kplejoo festival in Tema Manhean as youth, navy personnels’ clash leaves two dead

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A clash that ensued between navy personnels and some youth at the Kplejoo festival at Tema Manhean has resulted in the tragic loss of two lives.

The festive atmosphere at the venue was shattered on the evening of Friday, April 12, 2024, as a confrontation ensued due to a disagreement which erupted between the youth participating in the street procession and some navy personnels stationed at the Eastern Naval Command around the festival’s site. The spark was reportedly caused by damage to a navy vehicle. This led to a heated exchange, which tragically escalated into a violent confrontation.

Spokesperson of the Tema traditional council, Nii Amarh Somptone II expressed his grief over the Navy’s handling of the situation, where he cited use of weaponry on their part in the chaos. He was speaking in a media engagement.

“I don’t know how careless they handled their weapons, and as a result, people lost their lives. We cannot fight, we have no AK-47s to fight we have no armoured cars, but we shall test the potency of our gods, which we are doing.”

He further explained that the navy personnels had forced their way through the procession, causing the youth to retaliate. This led to the arrest and brutal treatment of two men, which further angered the crowd.

The deceased from the incident have been transferred to the Tema General Hospital Mortuary, while two others who sustained injuries are receiving treatment at the same hospital.

In the aftermath, the director of public relations for the Ghana Navy, Andy La-Anyane, appealed for calm as the police service initiates an investigation into the incident.

“My information is that some warning shots were fired, resulting in injury to one or two of those who went to the base. It was later that we learned that the Tema General Hospital had received bodies of two persons,” the director stated.

“We want to plead that we allow the due process to take its course, let the police finish with their investigations, and once they are done with their investigations, I’m sure they will make their findings available to everybody.”

The terrible incidents have hindered the festivities for the Kplejoo festival, with the people of Tema Manhean still dealing with the fallout from the violent altercation.

Story by: Lartey Ebenezer |

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