Social Media apps have been disabled on devices – Free SHS Dep. Coordinator on ‘1student 1 tablet’ project

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Deputy Coordinator of Free Senior High School (SHS) Nana Afrah Sika Mensah has outlined measures taken for the Smart Schools project to address occasional internet misuse by senior high students on campus.

This initiative aligns with the president’s plan to distribute tablets to 1.3 million senior high schools nationwide, announced during the launch of the Ghana Smart Schools project in Accra on Monday, March 25th.

In an exclusive with Univers News, Nana Afrah Sika Mensah disclosed a segment of the tablet will be dedicated to uploading educational resources with an accompanying tracking system, while various non-academic applications will be deactivated and substituted with educational content to prioritize academic engagement.

“A part of the tablet will be assigned to upload educational materials for students. We also have a tracking system in place to locate you and monitor tablet usage regardless of your location.” ” Furthermore, various applications have been disabled and replaced with educational content.”

She stressed that Wi-Fi has been installed in all senior high schools to facilitate student access to the Internet for studying, and pointing out that there are other ways to use tablets without the Internet.

“Wi-Fi has been installed in all senior high schools across the country, facilitated through consultancy services we’ve engaged. Moreover, there are alternative offline methods for using tablets that don’t require internet connectivity.”

The Ghana Smart Schools Project aims to equip students benefiting from the free SHS policy with crucial technological skills, aligning with the government’s commitment to leveraging technology to advance education. This initiative aims to enhance the learning environment and expand educational opportunities for students across the country.

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