Qatar 2022: FIFA President urges Europeans to keep their focus on football amid criticisms of Qatar

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Fifa president Gianni Infantino has urged Europeans to keep their focus on the football matches to be played as the world cup commences.

This follows incessant criticisms of Qatar, with many pointing out, among others, human rights violations and deaths of workers.

Gianni Infantino called on supporters to focus on the games rather than issues with the host country.

“I’m still convinced that this World Cup will open the eyes of many people from the western world to the Arab world. We’re living in the same world, and we have to live together. We have to understand each other but also understand that we’re different too, with beliefs, different histories, and different backgrounds, but the same world. And we have to get along with each other. That’s why if you come here and see something wrong, say it, but also say how we can rectify it, please, so maybe we can help.” Infantino said.

He also expressed his support for the Arab, the minority, and all other stakeholders in the tournament.

” Today I have very strong feelings. Today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arab. Today I feel African. Today I feel Gay. Today I feel disabled. Today I feel a migrant worker.”

The world cup began on 20th November with Ecuador beating Qatar by 2 goals.

The rest of the games will continue till December 18, when the tournament comes to a close.

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