“Nigerian jollof is better than Ghana’s” – Renowned Chef, Hilda Baci remarks

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Former Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking hours, Hilda Bacci has made a statement calling describing Nigeria’s jollof as superior to that of Ghanaian jollof.

According to the chef, Ghana’s jollof lacks flavour in comparison to Nigerian jollof taste, hence her view on why her side’s dish tastes better.

The Jollof banter between Ghana and Nigeria remains an intriguing and controversial topic that continues to capture the interest of both nations whenever the two countries cross paths.

The renowned Nigerian personality, who was recently dethroned as record holder by Irish cook, Isler Fisher a month ago, is the latest figure to share her perspective on the Jollof banter. The debate over which country’s jollof tastes best was a question that could not be overlooked.

In a UK podcast, she expressed her disappointment with the Ghanaian Jollof flavor, emphasizing that, in her opinion, Ghanaian Jollof lacks the desired taste of jollof. She explained that from her experiences having compared the recipes from the two cultures, the Nigerian jollof does better in terms of flavor combination.

“I’ve been to Ghana, eaten their jollof, and even competed with a Ghanaian chef. I’ve seen various recipes because Ghanaians have quite a number of approaches to making their jollof. In contrast, with Nigerian jollof, Nigerians don’t play around with flavor-building because we are very intentional about building flavors, and we also smoke our jollof.”

The comments made by the well-known Nigerian chef have sparked discussions and debates between Ghanaians and Nigerians on social media.

As expected, Ghanaians expressed their discontent with the comment, with the Nigerians vehemently supporting the chef’s point of view.

Story by: Kwao Gerald | univers.ug.edu.gh 

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