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Spokesperson for the National Food Suppliers Association of Ghana (NAFSAG), Kweku Amedume has raised concerns regarding the government’s unpaid debts to its members and expressed hope that the association will not need to resort to picketing to demand their owed allowances.

These concerns arise following NAFSAG’s announcement of plans to stage a picket at the Ministry of Education’s premises due to unresolved debts. The association has set a 14-day deadline for the settlement of these outstanding debts and warned of organizing a protest at the ministry if payments are not made within this timeframe.

Speaking to Univers News, he highlighted that the government is aware of these outstanding payments, and urged swift action and assistance in resolving the issue.

“The government is aware that there are outstanding payments that need to be made, and as an association we are hoping we don’t get to a point where they have to picket over owed allowances and I know that the stakeholders are listening and would come to our plea because we have supported this government even in times where there’s no money and they ask us to supply we do.”

He also stressed the urgent need for suppliers to promptly receive funds to settle debts, highlighting the negative impact on both suppliers and the student feeding program.

“The suppliers urgently need the money to pay off their debts, which is affecting both their personal and business lives, this is also having an effect on the beneficiaries of the policy which is the free SHS students”

In a statement issued on March 26, NAFSAG raised concerns regarding the perceived unfair allocation of funds to suppliers. The association highlighted disparities where only certain suppliers under the Ghana Commodity Exchange have received payments, while those supplying the National Food Buffer Stock Company have not been paid since February 2023.

NAFSAG has criticized the Ministry of Education for what it sees as a lack of fairness and transparency in distributing funds, alleging a deliberate attempt to hinder the National Food Buffer Stock Company’s operations.
“We suspect a deliberate and unconscionable attempt by the Ministry of Education to frustrate the operational activities of the National Food Buffer Stock Company to the disadvantage and chagrin of the suppliers” parts of the statement read

Below is NAFSAG’s full statement.

Story by: Asumugha Whitney Amarachukwu |
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