JayLit clears outstanding fees for students in need, appeals for course registration extension

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Aspiring UGSRC President, Jeffery Adu Yeboah, affectionately known as JayLit, has made a move on the University of Ghana campus by successfully clearing outstanding school fees for eleven students through his Ketewa Bia Nsua initiative.

This initiative, which translates to “Even the Little Bit Matters,” involves soliciting funds from fellow students and various stakeholders to assist financially struggling students in topping up their fees, ensuring they can register for their courses.

“Many students face financial difficulties that hinder their ability to pay fees on time. This has caused many students to defer in the past. The Ketewa Bia Nsua initiative aims to alleviate this burden by pooling resources from the community to support those in need,” JayLit explained.

With the course registration deadline fast approaching, JayLit appealed to the university administration for an extension so those he couldn’t help can have ample time to pay their fees. He spoke on Campus Exclusive on Radio Univers 105.7fm. He appealed directly to the university’s leadership.

I call upon our mothers the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar, and the Dean of Students Affairs, to consider extending the course registration deadline. I have spoken to some people and there have said that if they are given a little more time, they can pay their fees.

Students who have benefited from the initiative have expressed their gratitude, highlighting how JayLit’s efforts have relieved them of stress and allowed them to focus on their studies.

We are grateful to JayLit for his tireless efforts and dedication to supporting us, one student said.

I feel so delighted and I’m very grateful for this, another one added.

Looking at people like me who haven’t been able to pay our academic fees, we’ve seen that there is still hope for us, I’m happy, another one remarked. 

The university community eagerly awaits a favorable response from the administration to JayLit’s call.

Story by : George Dwumfour Boateng| univers.ug.edu.gh

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