Gideon Nicholas Day Writes: ‘Mewie Legon’ – Class of 2023’s crazy journey through UG

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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This is not an article about how I got admission to the University of Ghana to read a course I did not want to study and all sad stories people share about themselves when they complete Tertiary education and how hard work, determination and endurance made them successful. It is an article to say Congratulations to all completing class of 2023 and all the shared experiences that undoubtedly made a mark in our journey through the University – from Orientation to Matriculation to when we finally graduate.

So, Buckle up, folks, because the rollercoaster that was our journey at the University of Ghana, Legon, from August 2019 to 2023, is a ride worth recounting! We walked in as freshers wide-eyed and excited, not knowing that our adventure would include an unexpected twist, the grand finale: the COVID-19 pandemic. But hey, we’re not just graduates; we’re pandemic survivors with a knack for turning even Zoom calls into comedy shows!

Welcome to the Jungle: Freshman Survival Guide

Imagine this: it’s back in August 2019, and we’re at the entrance of University of Ghana, Legon. We’re excited, a bit lost, and ready to start this big adventure into learning. Our eyes were like big saucers, and we could feel the excitement in the air. We were about to jump into a world of stories and opportunities that seemed endless.

But oh boy, did we quickly realize that this place wasn’t as simple as it looked. It was like a tricky maze, where each turn felt like a puzzle. Going from one building to another was like trying to solve a riddle. And those who were holding the map around checking wherever they were going and still got lost. A journey to the Great Hall looked like Journey to the west and we hailed Taxis there at every opportunity we got. Sorry to those who picked Taxis from the entrance to Jones Quartey Building, (JQB) only to realize it was stone’s throw away.

After we got past the confusion of our first days, those early stumbles and mistakes became like a glue that held us together. We laughed together, felt relieved when we finally found our way, and cheered ourselves on for not giving up. These things turned us into a group of people who could face anything together. Even though it felt like we were in a jungle without a map at the beginning, those times made us into smarter explorers, with lots of stories to share and the knowledge to find our way through anything, whether it’s a confusing place or not.

Enter the Plot Twist: The Pandemic Strikes!

Just when we were getting the hang of things, BAM! The pandemic gatecrashed our party. They said some year -abroad students were part of the first people to contract the virus so the school had to shutdown.  It was like a sudden thunderclap in the middle of a sunny day. We had to switch to something called Zoom calls for our classes. It was kind of like talking to your friends on a video call, but for learning. Our campus turned into our rooms, and our classmates became little squares on a computer screen. Suddenly, we were juggling bad WiFi connections, cat filter mishaps, and that one friend who always forgot to unmute. And remember that 5 Gigabyte data from Vodafone, we can not even  say whether it was a blessing or a curse, because the network was still not ‘giving’ But did we lose our sense of humor? Nope, we took those challenges and turned them into comedy gold!. It’s like we were all actors in a hilarious play, and the stage was our Zoom screen. We didn’t just adapt to the changes; we embraced them with a grin and a chuckle. Our ability to find humor even in the most unexpected situations is a testament to our strong spirit and our knack for turning a surprise plot twist into a memorable punchline.

Zoom Chronicles: Where Every Call Is a Stand-Up Show

Let’s talk about our newfound talent: Zoom call comedians! Mute button mayhem, virtual backgrounds gone wrong, and professors who turned out to be rockstars , some lecturers acting all serious and not allowing people into the zoom call but had very funny backgrounds and you will wonder if they were travelling in space. – our online classes were basically a sitcom in the making. But let’s not forget the classic “Is my camera on?” surprise. That’s when someone thinks they’re just having a lazy morning in bed while their camera’s broadcasting their cozy scene to the whole class. We saw bed hair, pillow forts, and even romantic escapades. It was like we got a glimpse into each other’s secret lives – the ones we never planned to share! and those who use the camera as mirror and be admiring themselves.

and let’s not talk about those who set up and slept,  someone sets up their camera, background, and all the tech jazz, looking like they’re ready to conquer the virtual world. As soon as the lecture starts, they’re suddenly in the land of nod, snoring away like a champion sleeper. It’s like they turned their Zoom call into their very own dreamland, completely by accident.


Now, let’s not forget the tone of the lectures. Some were like enthusiastic storytellers, taking us on a journey through the subject matter with animated gestures and captivating anecdotes. It was like attending a live podcast that made learning exciting. And then, there were the ones who stuck to a monotone voice, their lectures resembling a robot giving a weather report. We’d listen, nodding off like bobblehead dolls, trying to grasp even a fraction of the information.

The beauty of online learning was that we had a front-row seat to our professors’ unique quirks. From the one who turned into a tech wizard overnight, sharing their screen with seamless precision, to the one who struggled with the mute button like it was a riddle from a different dimension – each class had its own flavor of entertainment.

Through all this Zoom chaos, we didn’t just survive; we thrived. We embraced the awkwardness, turned it into laughter, and made each call a memorable event. Our ability to find joy and humor in the most unexpected moments was our secret weapon, our superpower, and the reason why our virtual stage rocked harder than any live performance.

Picture this: just as we were getting used to the virtual groove, our calendars decided to take a spin of their own. Suddenly, our usual three-month semester turned into a speedy six-week dash, like a whirlwind tour of academia.

The funny thing was, it felt like someone hit the fast-forward button on our academic lives. One moment, we’re settling into the semester, and the next, we’re scrambling to meet deadlines that seem to pop up out of nowhere. It was like a mad dash through a maze, trying to fit in lectures, assignments, and the occasional “Oh wait, when is that due again?” and Sakai Tests and quizzes getting the best of you.

But amidst the chaos, we discovered a new level of time management. We became the champions of to-do lists, the maestros of multitasking, and the inventors of efficient study hacks. We learned to prioritize like bosses, finding the balance between work and play in record time. Who knew that a six-week semester could turn us into time management gurus?

And let’s not forget the sense of accomplishment that came with each finished task. It was like winning a mini-marathon every time we submitted an assignment or aced a quiz. The six-week sprint taught us that challenges come in all shapes and sizes, but with determination and a bit of strategic planning, we could conquer them all.

Suddenly, prices of everything seemed to be on a wild ride of their own. What was once a simple snack from campus  became a luxury item, and our once-affordable food became so expensive, the price of Gob3 moving up to about GHC8.

But hey, amid the budgeting battles and price hikes, we learned a valuable lesson in financial responsibility. We discovered that managing our finances was as crucial as acing our exams. It was a crash course in adulting, teaching us that being savvy with money was a skill that would serve us long after we left the virtual classroom. We learned the art of finding deals, bargaining with confidence, and finding joy in the small pleasures that didn’t break the bank.

Parting Thoughts: Life Lessons from Our Crazy Ride

As we prepare to bid farewell to UG, Legon, we carry more than just our degrees. We’ve learned that life is all about embracing the unexpected, finding joy in the madness, and sharing a laugh even in tough times. Our journey wasn’t just about lectures; it was about discovering our inner stand-up comedians and proving that no challenge is too big for a Zoomie with a sense of humor.

So here’s to us – the pandemic survivors of UG, Legon! We turned Zoom calls into comedy shows, and challenges into opportunities for laughter. As we step off this rollercoaster and into the world, let’s remember that we’re not just graduates; we’re the champions of school drama, the kings and queens of resilience, and the ultimate pandemic warriors! Can we all shout ‘Mewie’ Legon Like Comedian Lilwin said in his popular skit? Because no matter how it has been, the 4 years or more has finally come to an end.


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