Be consistent with your fare hikes and stop confusing us — Passengers to transport unions

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The Association of Passengers Ghana has voiced dissatisfaction over what they perceive as a lack of clear communication from transport operators regarding proposed increases in transport fares nationwide.

In a press statement issued on Monday, April 15, Afia Kwarteng Asamani, the convener of the Association of Passengers Ghana, highlighted the adverse effects of miscommunication surrounding proposed transport fare increases, leading to confusion among commuters and drivers.

Madam Asamani emphasized the urgent need to promptly address the issue, cautioning that failure to do so could escalate into an unfavorable situation for Ghanaians. Therefore, the Association of Passengers Ghana urged transport operators to swiftly engage their members on approved fares and maintain transparent communication with the public.

While acknowledging the recent increment in the price of petrol and other products, leading to the need for increased transport fares, they emphasized the importance of clear communication to avoid misunderstandings. They also encouraged all members to remain calm.

“While we acknowledge the recent increment in the price of petrol and other products, leading to the need for increased transport fares, we emphasize the importance of clear communication to avoid confusion. Whether the increase is 20% or 30%, it should be explicitly stated to prevent misunderstandings between bus conductors and commuters, given the prevailing economic difficulties and other factors exacerbating the living conditions of commuters.”

“Through this statement, we encourage all our members to remain calm while awaiting the approval of the final proposed 20% increase in transport fares by the recognized union, GPRTU, as well as GRTCC.”

In response, the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) and the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) jointly advised commuters to refrain from paying any new transport fares that have not received official approval.

This advisory comes after an announcement by the Transport Operators Union and the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana regarding a proposed 30% increase in transport fares, scheduled to take effect on Saturday, April 13. The GPRTU and the GRTCC attributed the decision to raise fares to the perceived failure of the government to adequately address lingering grievances within the transport sector.

However, this directive has led to some confusion and disagreement between commuters and drivers regarding the implementation of the new fare adjustments.

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