American streamers Kai Cenat, Fanum end Ghana visit abruptly due to internet interruptions

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American Twitch streamers, Kai Cenat and Fanum, who visited Ghana on Wednesday, March 13 have unfortunately cut short their tour in Ghana, due to the internet disruption affecting the entire sub-region. 

The streamer, Kai Cenat, is ranked the second most subscribed individual on Twitch, an interactive live-streaming service platform. According to Forbes, the global media giant placed in a whopping $4.67 million dollars from his Twitch endeavors in 2023, making him one of the richest streamers in the world.

The dynamic duo had big plans to tour Accra with their streaming flair for four glorious days, as a part of their Africa tour. Nonetheless, considering that the creativity of Kai and Fanum rely heavily on the internet and live streaming, it was rather unfortunate that the two members of the AMP, had to end their visit abruptly, leaving them with no choice than to pack their pixels and jet back to the States.

This was due to the recent disruptions in the undersea fiber cables which provides internet service through giant telecommunication companies such as Telecel and MTN.

In a video posted on social media, the streamer ranted on the poor network service in the country, whilst venting his frustration over the poor MTN network service; his hotel room was the only source of connectivity at the time, which was still in poor in quality, according to the streamer.

However, the pair took to recording a vlog of their stay in Accra on TikTok, where they managed to visit the bustling local market, flaunted some fabulous braids, savored the tantalizing taste of Ghana jollof, in addition to a scenic detour to Aburi during their Ghanaian adventure.

There is hope for the return of the streamers, as aside from issues pertaining to connectivity, there were only goood reviews over their experience in Ghana.

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