2024 Gas Challenge promises exciting hybrid format: A fusion of knowledge and innovation

Kelly Adjetey Boye
Kelly Adjetey Boye
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The Gas Challenge, an annual quiz competition organized by the Ghana National Gas Limited Company (Ghana Gas), is set to break new ground in 2024.

Going beyond the conventional boundaries of a quiz, the forthcoming edition promises an innovative blend of traditional quizzing and a live showcase of problem-solving prototypes.

This exciting development was announced by Chairperson of the Gas Challenge Committee and Head of Government Relations at Ghana National Gas Company, Augustina Asare Osei.

Speaking to UniversNews, Augustina Asare Osei revealed ambitious plans for the 5th edition of the challenge. The competition, known for testing participants on their understanding of gas-related issues, is set to undergo a transformative shift, introducing an innovative and hybrid approach that combines quizzes with real-time problem-solving.

According to her, instead of relying solely on theoretical questions, participants will face real-world challenges presented as problem statements. The teams will then be tasked with developing practical prototypes that showcase their problem-solving skills.

“So next year, what we hope to do is to actually bring the innovative aspect here. We will exhibit the innovative aspect where we will give some form of problem statements and then they [the contestants] will development them in a form of a prototype and we will actually physically showcase it here,” she told UniversNews.

What sets the 2024 Gas Challenge apart is the live exhibition of prototypes. Contestants will not only conceptualize solutions but also physically manifest them. Judges will closely examine these prototypes, creating an interactive platform where participants must not only build a prototype but also explain its functionality.

The revolutionary shift in the Gas Challenge format will introduce a hybrid experience. The live showcase of prototypes will seamlessly blend with the traditional quiz challenges. Judges, seeking to test contestants’ knowledge and application skills, will delve into both the theoretical and practical aspects of gas-related problem-solving.

“Judges will then ask some questions because sometimes they might be able to hire someone to put the prototype together for them. So we want to test their knowledge so they will then have to explain and then based on that, questions will be asked and we will blend it with the quiz so it will be a hybrid type of approach next year,” Asare Osei added.

This forward-looking approach aims to elevate the Gas Challenge to new heights, encouraging participants to think beyond theoretical concepts and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. The addition of the prototype showcase promises to make the competition more engaging, dynamic, and reflective of the challenges faced in the gas industry.

With an emphasis on real-world problem-solving, the Gas Challenge 2024 aligns with the growing demands of the gas industry. Augustina Asare Osei believes this innovative approach will not only test participants’ academic knowledge but also their ability to practically address challenges, preparing them for future roles in the evolving gas sector.

Speaking at the Grand Finale of the 2023 Gas Challenge, Minister for Public Enterprises and Member of Parliament for Effia Constituency in the Western Region, Joseph Cudjoe  highlighted the government’s commitment to developing a gas-driven industry, emphasizing the industry’s potential for career development.

He also urged students to take the study of gas seriously, considering its pivotal role in Ghana’s economic development.

“Let me reach out to the students. The government plans to develop a gas-driven industry, so far as energy is concerned. Ghana has the resources and indigenous gas, we’re doing everything from power generation to domestic usage, and the Ghana government is developing that industry.”

“So, so far as career development is concerned that industry has a lot of potential for students who acquire knowledge in gas and acquire expertise in that area because gas is going to be a significant part of Ghana’s economic development and so let’s endeavor to take its study seriously because it is an expanding industry, ” he said.

As the Gas Challenge Committee paves the way for a hybrid and innovative competition, participants, industry stakeholders, and enthusiasts can look forward to a transformative and dynamic Gas Challenge in 2024.

The stage is set for a pioneering event that not only tests knowledge but also encourages the application of innovative solutions in the ever-evolving gas industry.

Story by: Kelly Adjetey Boye | univers.ug.edu.gh

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