“Operation of Tap n Go shuttles won’t be possible” – HM Boafo Shuttle Services CEO discloses

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Chief executive officer of HM Boafo shuttle services, Adri Hopson has revealed that the University of Ghana Students Representative Council’s (UGSRC) initiative to collaborate with Tap n Go to introduce five new shuttles will not be possible.

On the 25th of October 2023, the UGSRC announced its partnership with Tap n Go to introduce 5 new shuttle buses at a subsidized rate of GHC 2 alongside a digitalized transport system and a payment card.

With the initiative yet to see fruition, Mr. Hopson clarified that his outfit was the only approved shuttle service that is licensed to operate on the University of Ghana campus.

In an exclusive interview with Univers News, he mentioned that Tap n Go had only approached his company to install their proposed software in their buses and taxis that operate on University of Ghana campus.

Mr. Hopson however expounded on the matter, insisting on Tap n Go’s inability to introduce five new shuttle buses at a subsidized rate, with further emphasis on their only approval being that of software installation.

“[Tap n Go] have come to approach us casually that they wanted to fix their software in our buses, which we have agreed that they should come and fix the software in our buses to try.”

“I heard that news from the students and I told them that it was impossible because we are the official bus company on campus and that even the approval that the University of Ghana gives to Tap n Go, it’s not for them to bring buses. It’s for them to install their software in the buses and taxis on campus.”

Univers News has been trying to reach the UGSRC to get more clarifications over the issue at hand. Though efforts have been presently futile, further updates on the issue would be brought out once contact is established.

Story by: Doku Basira | univers.ug.edu.gh

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