International Men’s Day: “Both genders need equal empowerment” – Psychologist stresses

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Public Relations Officer for the Ghana Psychological Association (GPA) and Clinical psychologist, Dr. Issac Newman has stressed on the need for men to be equally empowered as women to achieve a balance in gender-based empowerment.

According to him, men, especially have been neglected in this current generation in terms of empowerment, as more attention is given to women.

His input is based on the International Men’s Day celebration, which is aimed at raising awareness about the high rates of male suicides and encouraging society to be more sensitive to the well-being and emotions of men. In light of this, Dr. Newman sought for both men and women to be empowered without bias for any gender.

In addition to that, he proposed that any measures or plans put into action to enhance people’s lives should encompass both genders.

“You have a whole generation of men who are being overlooked, despite the fact that these same men are the ones who will be sharing their lives with these women. The way forward isn’t about disregarding one gender, but about empowering both men and women. The focus shouldn’t be solely on one gender. Instead, all dialogues should be aimed at aiding both people.”

Dr. Newman also advocated for a shift in the societal story that frequently deters men from asking for assistance, labeling it as a weakness. This stigma, he points out, along with severe responses to emotional vulnerability, results in many enduring their plights quietly.

“You realize that men don’t usually seek help when they have problems. A lot of men probably because of some societal narrations do not seek help because people see it as a sign of weakness. Imagine a man walking into the consulting room and crying. The reactions to this is what discourages them.”

Dr. Newman further called for society to shift its focus and pay crucial attention to the mental health of men and encouraged more men to seek for help rather than handle them on their own.

“You would realize that men experience disadvantages in many ways. I think we should start paying more attention to men especially to their mental health. I will also tell men out there to seek help when they need it. It is totally okay to do so. Everyone needs help at a certain point.”

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