French university students plead Gov’t to release funds for their year-abroad program

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Radio Univers
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French students from the University of Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have been lamenting over the Scholarship Secretariat’s failure to fund their compulsory year-abroad program.

Annually, the Scholarship Secretariat supports students from various universities and colleges through scholarships; through the support, the students are able to partake in the annual year abroad program to further their education in the course.

This year however, the Secretariat’s inability to release the funds in time has raiser so many concerns over the fate of the language students in their academic journey.

According to the students, the situation, which puts their education in an uncertain position, has left them in anxiety over their next course of steps.

In an interview with 3News, the students described their plight, disclosing an impending deferment of their courses.

‘’Waking up every morning with your parents asking you when are you going, this and that, our parents are very disturbed. We are on the brink of deferment.’’

Head of the French Department at the University of Ghana, Dr. Samuel Koffi explained that there have been many efforts to address the situation, with all of them being fruitless.

‘’ I have written a letter earlier than the time our [Vice-Chancellor] and the Dean contacted the scholarship secretariat. We never had any reply to our letter, not even a phone call and anytime we call, they might not pick it.’’

The students still took to pleading the secretariat for the release of the funds for their abroad program.

‘’I would like to appeal to the scholarship secretariat to release the funds for the year abroad. I just pray that this year’s abroad program will be possible.’’

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