UTAG threatens to embark on nationwide strike after 21-day ultimatum

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Secretary of the UG chapter of the University Teachers Association Ghana (UTAG) Dr. Jerry Joe Harrison has indicated that the body will embark on their strike if, by the end of the 21-day ultimatum, government has not responded to their conditions of service.

Earlier on Friday October 27, UTAG released a statement where they indicated that if the government fails to respond to its caution, it shall embark on an industrial action in protest of the government.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive, Dr. Harrison revealed that government had not fulfilled its promises made to lecturers before they joined the Single Spine Structure. This, he said, is a deliberate attempt from government to not remunerate them.

“The promise that government made to lecturers before the [Single Spine Structure] have not been fulfilled . As this continues, we are going to get poorer and poorer . If we want to be in industrial harmony, we must try to meet each other half-way [through the situation]. We think that it is a deliberate attempt by government to not pay us what we are due. Unfortunately, if by the twenty one days ultimatum, our market premium issues and conditions of service issues are not resolved, we will have no choice but to take the appropriate action as we deem necessary.”

Dr. Harrison revealed that government had not made effort to engage them on the issues raised by UTAG. He expressed UTAG’s exhaustion from the treatment, remarking that actions will be taken as soon as possible over the matter.

“Every time, we just talk about the issues and nothing is done. We are tired and we think that enough is enough. We have given government enough time to come clean and negotiations with us by none of that has happened. It is government’s attitude that is forcing us to take that stance that we are contemplating.”

He entreated parents and guardians to bear with UTAG amidst their strive to get their conditions of service improved .

“I want people to bear with [parents] as UTAG people. The job is very difficult. If we don’t get appropriately remunerated, we go on retirement and your life is a complete mess. Sometimes we are forced to take the decision that we take not because we don’t love our students. We also hope that government is willing to come to the table so that we find common ground.”

Story by: Michelle Lartey | univers.ug.edu.gh

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