“Involve youth in decision-making, action plans” – C40 Cities advises climate change organizations

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Resource personnel at the C40 cities and Senior research fellow at the Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (C3SS), Mr. Evans Asamoah Adjei has advised Climate change organizations to involve the youth in the decision-making of their policies and action plans for the cause of a better climate.

His advice was in reference to a tripartite alliance that involves C40 cities, Accra Metropolitan Assembly and a climate researcher, with the aim of involving students in the vision to improve the climate’s conditions.

The collaboration reflects a collective effort to empower students to address the pressing issue of climate change. By recognizing the impact of students’ activities on the climate and actively involving them in decision-making processes, this alliance taps into the immense potential of youth to drive sustainable change.

In an interaction with Univers News, Mr. Asamoah-Adjei highlighted the roles the Accra Metropolitan Assembly  and C40 Cities can take in conjunction with students on campus to effectively tackle climate change.

He also spoke on how students can also engage in the cause by advocating and raising awareness on the importance of climate issues.

“The Accra Metropolitan Assembly can take several steps to collaborate effectively with students. This includes establishing platforms for regular dialogue and consultation with student groups, organizing workshops and seminars in schools to raise awareness about climate change and sustainable practices, and engaging students in tree planting drives, waste management projects, and community cleanup programs. Additionally, involving students in decision-making processes and integrating their ideas into climate action plans can ensure their active participation and partnership.”

“Students can contribute to C40 initiatives by mobilizing their peers, raising awareness about the importance of climate action and advocating for sustainable policies and practices within their local communities. They can organize events, workshops, campaigns to educate their communities about sustainable lifestyles, energy conservation, and waste reduction. Additionally, students can engage with local policymakers, urging them to align their strategies with C40’s objectives and to prioritize climate-friendly policies.”

Students were encouraged to gain interest in C40 initiatives, with ways in which they can effectively contribute to the initiatives. According to Mr. Asamoah-Adjei, this would be beneficial in effecting C40’s goals and vision to promote an ideal climate state.

“Students should be interested in C40 initiatives as they offer a unique platform for global collaboration and learning. C40 Cities is a network of major cities committed to taking bold climate action. By engaging with C40, students can gain exposure to innovative projects, best practices and solutions implemented by cities worldwide. Students can participate by joining youth -led organizations, attending C40 events and engaging in campaigns and projects that align with C40’s goals of reducing emissions, promoting renewable energy and enhancing urban development.”

Story by: Brian Herman Bebli-Dussey | univers.ug.edu.gh

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