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The University of Ghana Debate Society (UGDS) has called on all orators and passionate debaters to join their society.

Speaking to Univers News, the president of the University of Ghana Debate Society, Anastasia Nkrumah gave insight into what the society stands for; she encouraged students of the university to seize the chance to join the vibrant community to enjoy the packages available.

 “UGDS is a society on campus that seeks to help students reach their highest level of critical thinking and have intellectual discourse as well as promote their public speaking skills. To be a member of UGDS, walk in on any of our meetings on Mondays and Fridays at 8pm at the Physics department. After three meetings, you’ll become an official member of the society. UGDS has a lot of achievements. Come to UGDS, our doors are opened to everyone especially the females. Our society is for all genders, religions and races.”

Former President of the UGDS, Elisha Owusu Akyaw, highlighted the challenges faced by the debate society, pinpointing the primary obstacle as funding.

He stated how lack of funding hinders the growth of the society and called on stakeholders and individuals to support the society to overcome the financial challenges.

“There have been some funding issues in the last couple of years. Last year, we could not get funding for the Pan African Championship and World debate Championship so those of us that went had to fund ourselves. It cuts a lot of people out in terms of trying to be inclusive as a society and rewarding performance and talent. We are appealing to anyone who can sponsor us to please give us a call. The school should also give us money.”

Meanwhile, some members of the society also shared their experiences in the society with Univers News, emphasizing on the society’s impact on their lives.

“I’ll recommend it for everybody because you get to learn more and have access to more information. It broadens your intellects and connections. It has been one of the greatest experiences for me this year. “

The University of Ghana Debate Society stands as a beacon for those who aspire to cultivate their oratory skills and interested in the art of constructive dialogue with a mission to empower voices and nurture eloquence.

Story by: George Dwumfour Boateng |

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