UG: “Security on campus is good” – Students express confidence in safety levels

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Students in the University of Ghana have expressed confidence about the level of security on the University campus.

Their views are in response to three incidents of theft which were recorded earlier in the week; the first was at the Athletic Oval, and the other two were at Legon Hall.

One of the suspects in the theft cases was caught by some residents of Legon Hall, who identified him as a culprit for the theft of a laptop and a phone. He was handed over to the university campus security for further deliberations over his case.

At the incident grounds, Univers News interviewed some students about the general level of security on campus, with most of them implying they a commendable level of safety.

They however suggested installation of more cameras to monitor activities on campus as a way of improving campus security.

“I feel safe on campus and in the hall and the hall assistants do a great job but we are not our brother’s keepers. I feel security can be improved with the installation of cameras on every block because usually when are stuff get missing we don’t know where to search from or who to ask. Getting more cameras that monitor the streets would be helpful.”

“Campus security is good and I feel safe here. The security personnel are also doing their work.”

In contrast, a student felt unsafe on campus, showing little levels of trust in campus security. His reasoning is due to what he claimed was a previous incident where he was robbed.

“As a student, I do not feel safe here especially when it’s in the evening. I have been robbed before. And from the incidents that happened, it’s very risky to walk alone.”

One must note that earlier in the year in May, the university was dealing with security issues that were consecutively occurring; these cases were painted with brutalities and thefts that left students and staff alike suffering from damages and injuries.

The University’s management has been taking steps to address the issue with regular patrols by security agents on campus and the increase of numbers of streetlights on campus.

Students were also advised to remain vigilant and report suspicious persons and activities to the University security.

Story by: Joshua Acquah Addo |

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