Accra gets hit by earth tremors of 3.6 magnitude

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Some parts of Accra have been hit by earth tremors of a 3.6 magnitude on the Richter Scale.

The tremors were felt in parts such as Pokuase, Nyanyano Kakraba, Weija, Kanda, Adenta and other parts in the central parts of Accra, on 12th November, 2023, at approximately 7:20 am.

In a statement dated 12th November, the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGAS), confirmed the event, describing the tremor as minor and less prone to cause damage.

“The epicenter of the event is about 7 kilometers off Weija (5.5318 N, 0.2933 W) in the Greater Accra Region, with origin time at 07:17:51am. The recorded magnitude is indicative of the extent of the tremor. The earth tremor is a minor one and so it is not expected to cause damage.”

The authority clarified the unpredictability of such events, further giving assurance of its commitment to appropriately inform the public ahead of time to reduce the risks of damage.

It also announced that education on earth tremors response is being undertaken for the public’s awareness.

“These are natural occurrences and therefore difficult to predict. The Authority is committed to the continuous monitoring of these events and informing the public appropriately to ensure public safety and minimize risk.”

“Education and sensitization of the public on awareness and response during earth tremors is important and currently being undertaken by the Authority. The public is urged to remain calm and go about their normal activities.”

Meanwhile, social media users in Ghana have been sharing their experience from the tremors, expressing panic and shock from the event.

There were however no forms of damage reported from the incidents.

This earth tremor is happening for the second time this year; the first one occurred on March 10, also in some parts of Accra. It had a magnitude of 2.8.

Earth tremors were also recorded late last year on December 12, with three tremors occurring consecutively in a span of five hours.

Below is the statement from the GGAS.

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