BeTech Connected organizes “Future of Work” conference to equip youth with job opportunities

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In an effort to equip the youth in the emerging job market and connect talents to global opportunities, BeTech Connected organized an insightful conference themed, ‘Empowering the youth for the future of work’ on 5th November 2023, at the Cedi Conference Centre in University of Ghana.

In an exclusive interview with the Community lead of BeTech Connected, Lambert-Ntibrey Maximus shared the objective of the event, which was to prepare the youth for the job market’s requirements.

“We seek to educate students and the youth on the future of work and trending technologies and how to go about certain basic stuff in the tech industry like interview preps, CV preps and LinkedIn optimization.”

He also revealed that the conference was a data-driven response to enhance technological knowledge among the youth.

”Based on some of the research we did and communications we had with some students and staff, coupled with our past experiences, we decided that if this is the data we have, then what can we do to solve the problem of limited awareness of emerging tech trends among students and the youth? So we decided to come up with the Future of Work Conference.”

According to Maximus, the conference is aiming to expand its reach to other institutions to increase awareness of the tech industry and its ever-evolving trends.

“This event is the beginning of the whole project to reach out to students. It would be a year-long, where we would be traveling to other university campuses to have conversations around the tech space, help them out, and give them opportunities. Just spreading information about the future of work.”

At the event, Ikechukwu Godson Nwosu, HR and Tech Recruiter, delivered an insightful presentation on the topic, ‘How to Position Yourself as the Right Candidate in the Job Market’. His discourse illuminated strategies to significantly impact one’s job search, urging a mindset shift towards recognizing abundant job opportunities in Ghana.

Nwosu underscored the centrality of skills as the currency of the job market, emphasizing the need for the alignment of one’s skills with market demands. Additionally, he highlighted the pivotal role of personal branding in communicating one’s value proposition and emphasized the transformative impact of networking on enhancing one’s professional net worth.

Some students shared their takeaways with Univers News after the event. They were motivated to explore and utilize various fields in the tech space to their advantage.

“The event was a very impactful one. We learnt how we can use technology in changing our society as youth.”

“Tech is the new revolution hence we must upskill so we can fit in the revolution.”

“There’s no barrier to venturing to tech. Just have the right mindset and be committed to what you want to do.”

The event was graced by some key personalities in the corporate field such as the president of Ghana FinTech , Martin Kwame Awagah GH and founder of BeTech Connected, Akosua Osei.

Story by : Mawuena Abena Dossah |

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