UGBS Dean appeals to corporate institutions to support school’s ‘Laptop Library’ project

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Dean of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Prof. Justice Nyigmah Bawole has appealed to corporate institutions to support its ‘Laptop Library’ project with donations of laptops and personal computers to promote digital training in the institution.

Speaking at a donation ceremony at UGBS on November 7th, Prof. Bawole spoke of some of the challenges the business school faces, hence the initiative of its management to propose a call for support to enhance teaching and learning.

He made emphasis on the facility’s capacity challenges, explaining how the situation is failing to help promote quality education in the institution.

“As I said, this building (UGBS) was put up in 1962 when the business school had less than 200 students in all, I have 8,000 students plus in the same building, and I am unable to recruit faculty because the Government is not allowing us to recruit; the government doesn’t allow you to charge realistic fees…because of that our ability to renew the place, invest in places that will give the students the kind of skills we have and prepare them to face the challenges of our generation is a problem, again, with the numbers we have to deal with. In a single class you can have about 250 students, how can you teach accounting to 250 students in a class and expect that, they will become students who can take care of people’s money? Those are the realities we face. We recognized that the government would not get over its woes anytime soon, so we are reaching out to our partners.”

In an interview with Univers News on the sidelines of the ceremony, Prof. Bawole reiterated his appeal to corporate institutions to help the Business school curb the existing challenges.

“I want to take advantage of this medium to appeal to other corporate institutions to come through and support us with laptops or desktop computers to help train the next generation of Business students.”

The donation ceremony was organized to commemorate Republic Bank’s support for the UGBS, where the bank donated 20 laptops to the school to support its ‘Laptop Library’ project. According to Republic Bank’s representatives at the ceremony, the initiative would also help foster the corporate relationship with the institution and promote quality academic work.

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