UG: SRC assures students to solve level 100 main re-sit course structure challenges

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The University of Ghana Student Representative Council’s (SRC) Vice President, Edward Zanyoh has assured the student body of a practical solution to address the challenges of the level 100 main re-sit course structure.

Following the opening of the re-sit registration portal, students of the University have expressed their concern about the academic calendar for students who will be taking level 100 first-semester main re-sit courses.

This is based on the regular structure for main re-sit exams; the University’s main re-sit structure, requires students who undertake re-sit courses, to partake in all class activities with the applicable year group.

However, amidst the resumption of level 100 students in the January 2024 academic year, students with level 100 main re-sit are puzzled about the new structure that will be adopted and how they are expected to attend lectures with the incoming freshmen.

“It’s quite unfair because we will be on vacation during this period and what if the person doesn’t have accommodation or is doing an internship during that period, does it mean [re-sit] will have to be postponed to the next academic year?”

In an interview with Univers News, the UGSRC Vice President revealed that the SRC executive board had engaged with the University’s management over the issue of schedule and accommodation, of which the SRC board were given an assurance of a pragmatic solution to address the concerns of the students regarding the structure of re-sit courses.

“The student executive body realized [the issue with the resit structure] and then we engaged the Pro Vice-Chancellor in the person of Prof. Gordon Awandare about it; he assured us that they were going to do something about it. We had the opportunity to meet the Director of Academic Affairs as well and we told her the same thing, so she also assured us that they would consider that and bring out a pragmatic solution, especially in the case of students who live outside Accra who will not be able to attend lectures every day when the level 100s resume.”

He finally assured students that information over the issue will be relayed as soon as there are new developments on the situation.

“As we always do, we will relay it [information] to the student body”.

Story by: Vannessa Nyasi Mensah |

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