UG: “Life is very hectic” – Non-residents lament over lack of accommodation

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Some non-resident students at the University of Ghana have shared their plights in their daily life being non-residents whilst being required to frequently attend to academic activities on campus.

The ongoing accommodation crisis at the University of Ghana has now become a pervasive issue, leading to a significant number of students being unable to reside on campus. This problem significantly impacts these non-resident students, affecting not only their academic pursuits but also various aspects of their lives.

In light of this, some indicated that, they are unable to report to class in timely manner, due to traffic jams, which in the long run adversely affects their academics and finances.

For others, being residents out of Accra whilst lacking accommodation on campus makes their situation dire, especially when they no relatives to rely on in the region.

“I recall the moment a lecturer sacked me from his class because of lateness, even after explaining to him that I was caught up in a traffic jam.”

“I come from one of the northern regions in the country, and I do not have any relatives here in Accra to live with, moreover, this is my first time coming to Accra so the living is very hectic for me as a non-resident.”

In reference to their plights, these students urged the management to critically look into the issue of accommodation on campus and find measures to minimize it, possibly eradicating the problem entirely.

“I think management should build more hostels and or increase the number of beds in the various halls and hostels in order to minimize accommodation problems”.

“I am of the opinion that, management should reinstate the old residential policy rather than the in-out-out-out policy to create more opportunities for students to be accommodated, this I believe will gradually solve the accommodation crises on campus.”

They were of the view that if the aforementioned measures are given consideration with precision, the issue of accommodation would be a matter of the past, as it will facilitate teaching and learning, and ultimately leading to the actualization of the University’s aims and objectives.

Coincidentally, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah-Amfo has been taking measures to address the issue of accommodation on campus.

Just last month, she cut sod for phase one of the GUSS Students Hostel Project, located off the Annie Jiaggie Road behind Block B, Ghana Hostels. The phase 1 will provide 544 beds for students to serve a total of 4,160 students.

She also inspected a 904-bed Africa Integeras hostel which will be expected to be completed in January, 2024. According to the Head of halls, the facility would also provide accommodations for level 100s.

Story by: Gifty Lariba Buguri |

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