UG: “Don’t see us as enemies” – Justice Alor addresses SRC opposition allegations

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Student Activist, Justice Alor has voiced out that he is not against the current University of Ghana’s Student Representative Council (UGSRC) administration but is only seeking to ensure that the council is taking steps constitutionally.

His statement was an address to numerous messages he claimed to have received from individuals accusing him of opposing the current admission by petitioning against some ultra vires actions of the SRC executive committee.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive, he stated emphatically that his petition was only to voice out the concerns of the students and hold the student leaders accountable for their actions.

“The SRC is the mouthpiece of the student body. It is worrying to see that the concerns of students are not addressed. I think one thing about Tsikata’s administration that I admire is communication with the students and I always mention it. Regardless of that, we must ensure that the right things are done. In every administration, it is prudent to have people who will keep you in check and hold you accountable. When things are not going well and we call you out I don’t see us as enemies. “

He further advised individuals to prioritise emotional intelligence in leadership as it is crucial to building strong relationships and fostering a positive work environment.

“I want to take this opportunity to advise all the young leaders out there to take emotional intelligence very seriously. It is very important for leadership. It is what sets you apart from many other leaders because it is with the emotional intelligence that you can see your opponents and still keep your relationship with them.”

Alor’s petition in question was addressed to the Dean of Student Affairs to look into the alleged unconstitutionality, illegalities and ultra vires actions performed by the SRC’s executive committee (EXECOM) in their meeting which took place on 28th October, 2023.

He suggested some strategies that can be considered by the Dean to ensure that the General Assembly can convene and have free and fair elections, which included a collaboration with the Legon police to control violence on campus as well as the suspension of the EXECOM meeting followed by a declaration of it being null until the General Assembly makes a final determintion on the matter. To this, he called on the Dean to allow the General Assembly to convene in the quest of electing a new chairperson as soon as posssible, with reference to the disruptions that took place on 22nd October at the General Assembly Chairmanship elections.

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