UG: 4th distibution exercise of 1S1L initiative set for Nov 8

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As part of the Vice Chancellor’s ‘One Student One Laptop initiative, some selected students are set to receive free laptops on November 8, 2023. The office of the VC announced through an official notice to students that distribution will take place at the Cedi Conference Center.

This initiative forms part of the VC’s digitalization project, with an aim at addressing the lack of technological skills caused by the inaccessibility of learning systems and tools that a functional laptop can offer.

This free laptop assistance, which was facilitated through the Students Financial Aid Office, would also eliminate financial barriers to students’ success.

It was further stated that some laptops will be provided on hire purchase for students who do not qualify for the free ones.

“For those who may not qualify for a free laptop but still need affordable access, we are offering hire purchase options. These laptops will be available to you at a significantly reduced cost, payable in convenient instalments throughout your school year.”

Also, the university announced its plans to set up assembling plants to help give students an opportunity to obtain some technical skills.

The facilities would also provide avenues for students to acquire skills for future employment opportunities in the future.

“In addition to providing laptops, we are establishing an assembling plant on our campus. This facility will not only contribute to student job creation, economic development, and project sustainability, but it will also provide students with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in technology assembly, contributing to skills development and future employability.”

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