Hult Prize UG-Chapter calls for participation in annual global competition

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Director of Hult Prize UG-Chapter, John Amankwa has called on members of the university community to join in the annual global competition as everyone stands a chance of topping the contest.

Hult Prize is the biggest student social entrepreneurship competition, held in collaboration with the United Nations. Teams from universities worldwide compete to solve social issues with sustainable business ideas. The winner of the contest is set to win a prize of 1 million dollars.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive, Mr. Amankwa believed that only few individuals in the university community are aware of this initiative. He therefore urged members of the university community to come on board to pitch their project ideas.

“…we believe that students have great ideas to represent the university. As big as our university is, we have not been able to pull our weight in the past years. Unfortunately, many people do not know about it. I hope that people join in this year participate in the campus contest and then hopefully, we can progress to the next stage.”

He also revealed that this year’s competition would seek to cover all the initiatives that fall within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to hasten its achievement.

“Last year, the theme was fashion but this year with the time limit to achieving the SDGs nearing, we are focusing on initiatives that are geared toward the achievement of the sustainable development goals.”

Also on Campus Exclusive, Head of Partnership and Collaboration Committee of the Hult Prize UG-Chapter, Valerie Tornu urged individuals and stakeholder to show support to the team by partnering with them to make it possible to hold the campus contest in preparation for the nationals, with hopes of progressing to the international level.

“I will use this as an opportunity to invite private individuals, organisations, entrepreneurs, media houses and the dean of students to join in and provide us with any form of support. “

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