UG Open Day: “Don’t be distracted by media propaganda” – Pro VC to prospective students

Mabel Antwi
Mabel Antwi
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Pro Vice-Chancellor of University of Ghana, Prof. Gordon Awandare, has advised prospective students to ignore media propaganda as a form of sensationalism, with focus on the institution as the premier and best university in the Republic of Ghana.

He was speaking on the first day of the maiden edition of the UG Open Day at the UG sports complex on 2nd November, 2023. The event was part of an effort by the university to offer assistance to prospective students with ambitions of pursuing a degree at the University of Ghana.

In his address, the Pro Vice-Chancellor put highlights on the institution’s achievements since its establishment as a university.

“We became a full University after Ghana became a republic. Since our establishment we have set the pace for tertiary education in Ghana and have remained not just the premium University but the number one in all aspects of higher education.”

“Media propaganda is present but do not be distracted by it because University of Ghana is the number one university in Ghana, each year hundreds of thousands of students desire to come to our school but only consider other universities after they have not been able to get the University of Ghana. It’s a fact that many of you who are visiting have the desire to be part of the rich history of this legendary institution and we are humbled today to welcome you to this historical place and to show you around our facilities and interact with you as we give you the opportunity to learn more about all the programs we offer and answer your questions on them.”

Also speaking at the program, Director of the Academic Affairs Directorate, Mrs. Lydia Anowah Nyako-Dankwah  noted that the Open-day program has been created to offer an in-depth experience to prospective students and urged the students and guardians to take advantage of the university courses.

“A very warm welcome to the University of Ghana. We have created this open day for the interest of our prospective students and our community. Over the next two days, we are dedicated to offering you an immersive and welcoming experience in the university of Ghana. Use the opportunity to connect with our esteemed faculty and remarkable students and staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of the academic program and admissions processes to set off on a journey to explore our captivating campuses.”

She additionally emphasized the importance of being discerning in seeking guidance for course selection, cautioning that there might be misleading information from fraudulent individuals.

“You will gain first hand insight into our academic program, facilities and our support services during this day. Please be careful about who you talk to because I’m sure that there are people here who may not have the right intention. There are people here who will ask you to pay some money or try to defraud you because you know we can’t identify everybody here; please be sure that whoever you are talking to is a university official so that you get the right information.”

Concurrently, the prospective students were excited to participate in the program, where they shared their expectations to learn more on the university and acquire more information regarding the opportunities UG Open Day presents for their Tertiary education.

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