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Librarian of the University of Ghana’s Balme Library, Mrs. Theodosia Adanu has shared the inspiration behind the organisation of the Library and Open science week, which was held from 20th to 27th October 2023 , on the theme, ‘The Library; The engine of academic work’.

The celebration of the week begun with its launching on 20th October. Activities held during the week included treasure hunting, a library tour by the university’s community and senior high school students, Exhibition and Library Loud day on 27th October which consisted of interactive sessions with the library staff, and open group discussions.

Speaking to Univers News, Mrs. Adanu harped on the library’s importance to academic work in the university, and how it influenced the event’s organization.

“It was inspired by the fact that we think the library is central to Academic work. [One] may not admit it but I believe without the library, the university will not function. Even for accreditation of courses the library is very instrumental.”

She added that the celebration was aimed at giving students the opportunity to explore the library and educate them on the possibilities the infrastructure offers.

“This is the first of its kind, and it’s just to let students know that there’s much more to the library than keeping quiet. So it’s just an opportunity for one day of the year where the students can do anything they want in the library, but not steal books or tear pages in books. The notion has been there ought to be silence in the library, and that’s what it’s been for many parts of the library, except for the discussion rooms. By opening up the whole library, we’re saying that discussions are not going to be limited to the discussion rooms that we have created for [the students]. They can have their group discussions anywhere, receive and make calls. Of course [they] can’t eat in the library. That’s not allowed, but we mean they can make noise.”

Mrs. Theodosia believed that some students were skeptical about the celebration, being the first of it kind. But she was hopeful that as the celebration will be repeated, the students will eventually understand the motive and appreciate the event.

“It is something we have to do more often for the students to appreciate what we want to communicate… I understand that it’s kind of different so they are a bit skeptical but I’m sure eventually they’ll come around. When we do it again next year, they’ll understand that we mean it and they can really be themselves in the library.”

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