“We haven’t been contracted by VRA to undertake any fumigation activities” – Zoomlion

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The Management of Zoomlion has refuted the claim that Zoomlion Ghana Limited has been contracted by the Volta River Authority (VRA) to undertake fumigation exercises in the Lower Volta District.

This follows a report published by Investigative Journalism award winner, Manasseh Azure Awuni; in which He claimed that VRA had contracted Zoomlion to undertake fumigation in affected areas which began on October 30, 2023 in Mepe, North Tongu District, as an avenue for Government officials to loot state resources.

“The VRA has contracted Zoomlion to undertake fumigation of the areas affected by the disaster. I don’t know the level of intelligence or foolishness that went into the VRA’s decision, but I have enough evidence to prove that fumigation has become an avenue for government officials to connive with Zoomlion to loot state resources,” Manasseh Azure stated.

However, in a press release on October 31, 2023, the Management of Zoomlion discredited the claims of Manasseh Azure Awun, which stated that Zoomlion has been contracted with VRA to undertake fumigation exercises and they vehemently refuted further allegations the journalist put on board.

“Management categorically refutes this misleading, false and unfounded assertions by one Manasseh Azure Awuni, who has for the past 10 years sought to level various allegations against Zoomlion to no avail. This recent publication is a demonstration of Manasseh’s clear disregard for journalistic integrity and professional ethics as is expected of a person of his caliber.”

” We want to emphasize that Zoomlion has not been contracted by VRA to undertake any fumigation activities in the said affected areas, as claimed by Mr. Awuni. His allegations are baseless and lack any factual basis. It is disheartening that in his pursuit of sensationalism and cheap popularity, Mr. Awuni has chosen to misrepresent the facts.”

In another press release, the VRA reiterated Zoomlion’s claim, confirming that they have not awarded any contract to Zoomlion to undertake fumigation of affected areas.

“We wish to state that VRA has not awarded any contract to zoomlion for the fumigation of communities impacted by the controlled spillage,” VRA mentioned .

Zoomlion concluded by highlighting its unwavering commitment to continue to uphold corporate social responsibility and to provide support to affected communities despite these allegations.

“We want to reassure all stakeholders that our dedication to serving and uplifting communities remains resolute, and we will continue to prioritize the well-being and support of those in need, irrespective of such false allegations.”

Here is the statement.

Story by : Vannessa Nyasi Mensah | univers.ug.edu.gh 

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