NMC sets toll-free number to receive complaints on offensive media content

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The National Media Commission has launched Toll-Free Number for Broadcast Content Complaint Center to respond to the public’s complaints on offensive media content.

The launch was held on October 31, 2023 at the National Communication Authority.

The initiative, which was a collaboration with the National Communication Authority is part of a comprehensive effort to sanitize broadcasting content in Ghana and to provide an avenue for people to lodge their complaints about any inappropriate broadcast.

In addition, the initiative will see the establishment of the Broadcasting Monitoring Centre, a specialized center tasked with regulating offensive media content.

A toll-free number, 0800-419-666, has also been activated, enabling vigilant media consumers to report egregious media content promptly.

Minister for Information and Member of Parliament for Ofoase Ayirebi, Hon. Kwadwo Oppong Nkrumah, who was speaking at the launch assured that the authorities in charge will ensure that the system is fair to all individuals, by maintaining freedom of expression and yet controlling the broadcast of inappropriate content.

He also admonished the National Communication Authority (NCA) to ensure a balanced system for free expression of complaints.

“Today we are happy to say that the National Media Commission and the National Communication Authority are under this MOU signed in 2021, working together to use the Broadcast Monitoring Centre of the NCA to activate a Toll-free number to receive complaints on what they call offensive media content or egregious media content.”

“As you take this step toward receiving complaints against offensive media content and using the various guidelines to try to deal with it, it’s very important to balance this regulatory function with our right to free expression. We all may not like what is said of us, and though you may dislike what somebody says about you we should defend that person’s right to say it because that right to free expression is one of our highly appalled rights to defend and uphold.”

He further stated that the system will check and penalize the content of money doubling and other unethical content that is aired on television at inappropriate times.

“In particular, today when you switch on your television or your radio, there are some things that are worrying [to] see. The exercise of money doubling is fast on the rise. You switch on your television today in the early hours of the day and you have people openly promoting and advertising alcohol and you ask, where are the regulators? So it’s good to know the NMC and the NCA are in particular taking an interest in these matters and now setting up to receive these complaints to act upon them.”

Story by : Mabel Antwi | univers.ug.edu.gh 

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