LinkedIn’s game-changing feature: Redefining how professionals connect, job hunt

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In a groundbreaking development on the professional networking front, LinkedIn has unveiled its latest feature to revolutionize job searching and networking, promising to reshape the way professionals connect and find opportunities in a post-pandemic world.

Registered users on LinkedIn can create profiles that serve as an online resume, listing their work experience, skills, education and other professional details.

Again, users can connect with their friends, colleagues, and professionals in their field and build a wide network of connections in the world.

The most exciting feature is the job search feature. Registered users can search for jobs based on their preferred location, industry, skills and company. Many companies can also post job openings on LinkedIn. Users on LinkedIn can apply for the jobs through the platform.

Speaking to some students on the University of Ghana campus, they shared their thoughts on what motivated them to join LinkedIn and how beneficial it is to them.

Because of the advantages offered, a student claimed his lecturer propelled him to join LinkedIn.

He claimed that he was able to make connections with mentors in his field of study and was allowed to intern and work.

“I was engaged by my lecturer to join LinkedIn because I am in the university. For its benefits, it has helped me to connect with mentors who are related to my field of study. I have also gained insight from professionals online, gotten internships and found job opportunities.”

A student revealed that she participated in a program where she was advised to register to access job boards and networks.

She acknowledged that she hasn’t gained anything from it, nevertheless.

“I went for a program and we were asked to create an account if you don’t have one because it is a platform to connect with people, [to] find opportunities and find jobs as well. I haven’t benefited since I joined because I haven’t been very active on the platform.”

Another joined to network with industry experts, exchange perspectives, and remain current with market developments.

“I joined LinkedIn because I recognized it has a platform for professional networking and career development. LinkedIn provides unique opportunities to connect with professionals from various industries, share insights, and stay updated on industry trends.”

LinkedIn’s new features are transforming professional networking, and providing robust job search and networking opportunities. User experiences differ based on activity, but LinkedIn remains a valuable tool for mentorship, job and internship opportunities, and industry insights. It acts as a bridge between students and professionals, fostering success in a post-pandemic world.

Story by : Jennifer Loman | 

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