UG’s Clean Ocean Project Chapter takes initiative to achieve sanitation SDGs 

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Students from the University of Ghana, affiliated with the Clean Ocean Project Ghana, gathered at the Kpone Landing beach on the 28th of October for a cleanup and durbar event.

This undertaking was a significant step towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals 6,13 and 14 which seek to promote sanitation, combat climate change and ensure sustainable development by conserving the oceans, seas and marine resources.

The event which was themed, ‘Restoring coastal beauty through collective action’ began with a cleanup at 8am followed by a durbar at noon to educate the youth and townfolk about the ocean and how it could be used sustainably.

Students cleaning the beaches to improve its sanitation

In an exclusive interview with Univers News, Vice President of the University of Ghana’s Clean Ocean Project Ghana Chapter, Zibero William Nelson called on students of the University to join the group to achieve maximum sanitation.

“We are calling on every student of the University of Ghana to join us. This is a volunteering activity, and we need more people to make this a success.“

He further highlighted ways by which students could maintain a sustainable environment on the University of Ghana campus.

“We should resort to the use of paper cups rather than plastic cups because plastics do not decompose so when it gets into the water it can be there for a long time and it would come back to us on our shores.”

Zibero also expressed his delight in the turnout of students for the event.

“Comparing last year’s cleanup to this year’s cleanup, the numbers are overwhelming and it shows that the individuals are getting to understand the reason why they must ensure that the ocean is clean.“

Also present at the event, Business Development Manager of Ecozoil and sponsor of the cleanup and durbar organized by the Clean Ocean Project Ghana, Daniel Lamptey announced Ecozoil’s willingness to support other organizations in cleaning up the beaches.

“Because we work along the beaches and we usually want to welcome any organization that wants to take it upon themselves to clean beaches, we are always available to support. So any other organization that wants to clean the beaches, we are available, our personnel are there, we have the tools, we have the resources, just call upon us, and let’s collaborate and clean the beaches.”

Some students picking up trash at the beach

In response to growing concerns among tourists regarding the deteriorating condition of many beaches in Ghana, students of the University of Ghana are determined to support the Clean Ocean Project Ghana in achieving its goal of leaving nothing on Ghana’s coastline but footprints.

Story by: Mawuena Abena Dossah | 

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