Students express contentment with extension of course registration deadline

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Students in the University of Ghana have expressed their contentment over the extension of the course registration deadline.

In a recent development, the University of Ghana had graciously extended the course registration deadline for regular undergraduate students to Friday, November 3, 2023, according to an official communique from the Academic Affairs Directorate. This announcement, which was made on Friday, October 27, 2023, comes as welcome news for students who were concerned about their ability to meet the original deadline.

Speaking to some students on campus today, UniversNews had gotten their takes over the new deadline extension and they generally expressed positive opinions on this.

“The deadline registration was really helpful. Sometimes you’ll face fee issues and you’ll not be able to pay your fees on time. If it wasn’t done, people would have deferred. The course deadline registration extension was really good but I wish they could be extended for a longer period.”

“The deadline extension for the course registration has helped me a lot of time including this semester. There are many times I couldn’t get the money on time and this vacation too was very short. Some of us have to go and work to get money to pay our fees ourselves so without that, we would have faced a huge challenge.”

Director of the Academic Affairs Directorate, Mrs. Lydia Anowa Nyako-Danquah stated that the extension was granted to avoid unexpected challenges for students who have not yet registered for their courses. It  was also advised to students not to wait until the eleventh hour to register. Students who fail to register by the new deadline are directed to request for deferment of the program to avoid losing their studentship.

In her statement, she encouraged all regular undergraduate students to take advantage of this extension and register for their courses early.

Mrs Nyako-Danquah was on Campus Exclusive earlier last week where she officially addressed this implementation. She encouraged students who couldn’t make the required payment before the deadline to write to the Directorate for a payment plan which would help them avoid any unexpected challenges associated with the course registration process:

“If you cannot pay, write to us and we will implement a payment plan and register you. Some students who listened have done so and we have already registered them. Once the deadline is up we are not going to consider any of such requests. So before the deadline, the student can write and we will institute a payment plan so the person pays before revision. So that is an option for students to take up if they’re interested.”

She later stated in the interview that she received a request from the SRC President, Mr. Frank Tsikata who pleaded on behalf of the student populace which the Directorate put into consideration. This was before the communique accenting the official implementation of the deadline was released.

She further encouraged all regular undergraduate students to take advantage of the extension and register for their courses early before the due time.

Story by : Joshua Acquah Addo|

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