“We hope GTEC consults us on our matters” – UTAG-UG secretary

Cindy Selasi Humade Selasi Humade
Cindy Selasi Humade Selasi Humade
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Secretary for the University Teachers Association of Ghana, University of Ghana chapter (UTAG-UG), Dr. Jerry Joe Harrison has emphasized the hope of a collaborative strategy where the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) will take UTAG’s input into account when making decisions geared towards them.

His concerns revolve around the GTEC’s recent actions including curtailing academic freedom and the suspension of accreditation for new programs.

UTAG had earlier released a statement dated 16th October 2023, emphasizing the importance of partnerships for the public good, urging the GTEC to engage with key stakeholders in the tertiary education space in its decision-making.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive, he mentioned that if GTEC is unable to engage the association in a meaningful engagement, UTAG will express their opinions through their constitutional rights.

‘’We drew attention to issues that we think are negatively going to affect us. We hope that GTEC, would take these on board in good faith and that, they will consult us and we can give our input as and when they are taking decisions that will directly affect UTAG members.”

”If they decide not to, I think we also have the constitutional right to do certain things, and we will exercise those, we have the right to free speech. We have the right to demonstrate, If the need arises, we will use those constitutional rights. But we hope that we don’t really get to that level. We hope that GTEC will take our statement in good faith and do broader consultation, especially with the people who are going to be directly affected by their decisions.’’

He also expressed the frustration and discontentment of UTAG members regarding the way they perceive government institutions have treated them.

“I will take this opportunity to tell our government that, look we are tired of this disrespect that     institutions of the state continue to mete out to UTAG members, and at the appropriate time, we will do what they don’t like. It’s not like we like doing these things, but if that is the only way to make sure that we get our fair share of the national cake, then we will have no option but to do it.’’

Story by: Cindy Selasi Humade | univers.ug.edu.gh

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