Education Minister shows supports to affected teachers, students from Akosombo Dam Spillage

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The Minister for Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutum has expressed support on behalf of the government to affected students, teachers and parents of the Akosombo Dam Spillage.

The measure was meant to reassure the spillage victims of the government’s care and concern for them in their condition.

However, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) expressed how unsatisfied they are towards the slow pace at which the government is working towards the affected areas in terms of the education sectors, with the spillage having led many students to study under trees or not studying at all as well as converting some school buildings to accomodation site for affected persons.

The Minister for Education explained that government is working hand in hand with its officials to effectively address the situation.

“We’ll encourage stakeholders to really get on the spot accounts and various initiatives that are being undertaken, I’ll come and see the teachers, I’ll talk to the regional minister, District Chief Executive, NADMO coordinator. So we have gotten a very good feel of what is going on and how we can support,” he stated.

Dr. Adutwum added that the government is working at identifying short term, middle and long term solutions to help affected students and teachers.

“So we are looking at short term solutions, medium term and long term solutions to the challenges but as an Education Minister my primary purpose for the structure is how do I bring normalcy to the teaching and learning processes and that’s why we came.”

He concluded with an assurance of finding more ways he can use to help build teaching and learning in the community amidst the disaster.

Story by: Wilhelmina Onyame |

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