“Ghana’s youth is ready for leadership” – SRC Chief Justice opines

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Chief Justice of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC), Julius Anthony has expressed his belief that the ghanaian youth of is well-prepared to assume leadership positions.

His comment precedes the recent SRC general assembly speakership elections that have been marred by disruptions caused by certain student leaders and representatives.

He made the contrasting comment in an interview on Campus Exclusive. Julius Anthony stressed that despite the insecurity in the future of Ghana’s leadership, not all individuals who take up leadership positions in the university end up in government.

“The failure of some student leaders does not determine the future leadership of our country,” he added.

Anthony emphasized the importance of a functioning system, explaining how that would help make rules more effective in controlling erratic behaviors among leaders.

“The violation of rules does not mean that the rule does not exist… We need to make violations of the rules very difficult for people.”

He called for accountability and consequences for those who disregard the established rules, as a means to foster a culture of responsible leadership.

“There is a need for internal mechanisms within the general assembly to refine and enhance the competence of general assembly members, as many of them were appointed based on political interest. Most of the representatives cannot stand a one minute debate in the house yet they’ve been appointed to help partisan goals to be achieved,” he said .

Abdul Salaam Mohammed, a former UGSRC executive, also voiced his disappointment at the involvement of student leaders in acts of violence during the elections.

He condemned their actions, noting that such behavior reflects what happens in the national parliament. He also proposed some measured that could be used to control such behaviors.

“The University Management can work to ensure that junior members of the university are given the required leadership training so as to have good student leadership.” “Students who flout the laws must be rightfully dealt with accordingly rather than causing all others to suffer the consequences of a few people’s actions.”

The disrupted speakership elections have highlighted the urgent need for a system that not only empowers the youth but also ensures their accountability and competence.

As the future of youth leadership hangs in the balance, it is crucial to address these issues and work towards creating a more inclusive and effective system that will shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Story by : Michelle Lartey | universnews.ug.edu.gh

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