“Ghana’s judiciary system fuels uncontrolled violence among youth” – Abdul Salam speaks on student leadership

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Former academic committee head of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council (SRC), Abdul Salam Mohamed has attributed the rise in excessive violent behavior among student leaders to the national judiciary system’s tolerance of such irresponsible actions.

His comment follows the disruptions that occurred on Sunday night during the General Assembly Chairman elections, where violence ensued following disagreements on the conduction of the electoral process. The Electoral Commission’s actions at the electoral grounds were rebuked by the UG-SRC President after the disruptions, further resulting in the suspension of the elections by the Dean of Student Affairs.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Campus Exclusive, Abdul Salam pointed out that, authorities rallying behind some individuals to abuse the law is the reason for the rampant and excessive behavior of violence.

Additionally, he called for such behavior traits to be checked to ensure that the young leaders take up their responsibility conscientiously.

“How do you expect people to develop a culture of responsibility when the young people are learning that they can be supported in their rash behavior, so [they] can do whatever [they] like? I think it’s because of this ‘foolish case’ that has brought about this rampant and excessive behavior of violence. Young people are learning, and they are observing what is happening. These behaviors must be checked promptly.”

Abdul however exuded hope by stating that the youth are fully ready to assume leadership roles. Nevertheless, he emphasized the need to establish a judicial system that effectively ensures adherence to the rules and principles of those positions.

“The youth of this country are more than ready to lead, what we need is a system that works. The violation of the rules does not mean the rules do not exist, and at no point in time should we excuse anybody or should we mistake the violation of the rules for the unavailability of the rules.”

“Whether young people violate the rules or not, the rules exist, so what we need is a system that will ensure that violation of the rules is something that is difficult to do.”

– Story by: Mabel Antwi | univers.ug.edu.gh

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