UG: SRC strongly condemns disruptive incident at GA Chairmanship Elections, labels it ‘disheartening’

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The University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC) has strongly criticised acts of violence following a disruption in the General Assembly (GA) Chairmanships Elections.

This was in response to the events that led to the cancellation of the GA Chairmanship elections, which was supposed to start on 22nd October, at the Mensah Sarbah Dining Hall.

The disruption in question, was preceded by physical altercations between attendees at the occasion, with one eventually snatching the ballot box in which ballots from the elections were deposited. The results of these events led to damage of properties and harm to individuals at the election grounds.

In the letter, the UGSRC connoted their disappointment in the sequence of the aforementioned events, strongly castigating the electoral commissioner in his in his role in the violent turn of events.

“…the UGSRC write this communiqué with deep regret and disappointment regarding the recent incident that took place during our scheduled election for the Speaker position. It is disheartening to acknowledge the chaos and acts of violence that transpired, resulting in harm to individuals and damage to property.”

“It is important to single out the misconduct of the electoral commissioner, including his physical assault and battery of members who disagreed with his modus operandi.”

It was also revealed by the council that an investigation in collaboration with the University Disciplinary Committe will be conducted to make culprits involved in the incident to account for their actions deservingly.

“We are actively investigating the situation and will collaborate with the appropriate authorities, including the University Disciplinary Committee, to ensure that those responsible for instigating or engaging in such vices are held accountable for their actions. “

The council concluded with a bold warning denying support to any form of violence from individuals engaging in such acts. An assurance was subsequently made, with apologies to affected individuals.

“Nobody, and we repeat nobody, who was directly and indirectly involved in causing the chaos that ensued will receive any cover from the SRC.”

Read here to see the full letter.

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