UG: Dean of Students suspends GA Chairmanship elections following violence at electoral grounds

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The Office of Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Ghana has suspended the General Assembly (GA) Speakership elections following the disruptions that obstructed the electoral processes at the Mensah Sarbah Dining Hall last night.

The disruption in question was preceded by physical altercations between attendees at the occasion, with one eventually snatching the ballot box in which ballots from the elections were deposited. The results of these events led to damage to properties and harm to individuals on the election grounds.

Following these events, the University’s Student Representative Council’s (UGSRC) executives and the council’s electoral commission have been at loggerheads over the cause of the violence that spurred on the night, with the SRC president attributing the disruptions to the EC and the EC, in turn, calling for a retraction of said statement along with an apology over the statement.

In light of all these events, the Dean of Students Affairs suspended the elections indefinitely, the measure being made known through a documented statement.

The statement attributed the suspension to the events that unfolded the previous night, further emphasizing its disdain for any form of violence among students.

Meanwhile, the EC has proposed to the Dean of Students some measures that could be taken to improve the transparency in the electoral process, some of which include creating a credible database of members in the assembly as well as providing adequate security on electoral grounds.

The GA Chairmanship elections will remain indefinitely suspended until the Dean of Students directs otherwise.

Read the suspension notice below.

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