UG: Students develops app for slotting of off-campus accomodations 

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Some genius students from the University of Ghana have developed a software application called Gamkrib to aid students to gain accommodation in off-campus hostel facilities.

The team of students, who were from the Mathematics and Statistics department explained that the development of the application was necessary to address issues of accommodation in and around campus for facilitated movement.

In an interview on Campus Exclusive, one of the students in the team, Charles Kwame Aboagye mentioned that their intention was to make accommodation processes easier on campus for the students.

“[We] the team decided to make it easier for students to get accomodations off campus that is why we decided to create an app.”

Charles also called on individuals and institutions, including the University of Ghana and its Student’s Representative Council to partner with them to expand the app’s benefits to help students without accomodations.

“If we could get funding [for our work], it will really help [expand our services]. Building an app is very expensive…we want to make some partnership with the SRC, school management and institution as well for students to get accomodations off campus easier.”

After the random beds allocation that had been designed to provide rooms for students without accommodation had been unable to meet the needs of most non-resident students, many students had been seeking the use of off campus facilities to reside in the environs of the University’s campus.

With the development of the Gamkrib app, most students seeking accommodation off campus would be relieved from the stress of finding an appropriate accommodation facility for residence.

Story by: Doku Basira | 

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