UG: SRC takes steps in supporting students affected by Akosombo Dam Spillage 

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The University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (UGSRC) has taken measures to support UG students who have been affected by the recent Akosombo-Kpong dam spillage.

This was revealed by the UGSRC President, Frank Tsikata, when he expressed the council’s unwavering commitment to assisting students who have faced challenges due to the floods.

President Tsikata, in an interview on Campus Exclusive, outlined the council’s initiatives to provide much-needed aid to affected students.

 “The support is in four-fold. One is to allocate a sum of money to affected students. Secondly, we are working on providing some relief items. Thirdly, we are referring them to the Career and Counselling Centre, recognizing the importance of their emotional and mental well-being. Lastly, we are setting up a donation box for students to contribute in cash and kind to support their colleagues.”

“The UGSRC will collaborate closely with the Volta Region Students Association (VORSA) president to ensure that assistance reaches those students who have been impacted by the dam spillage,” he added.

The collective effort, he implied, aims to provide the necessary support and solidarity during this challenging time for the affected students.

Frank Tsikata also addressed concerns about transparency in the donation process. He assured students that the council is committed to maintaining transparency in its operations.

“Initially, the SRC had a short code where you can donate straight into the SRC account. We are going to activate the code so donations will be sent through that. We will work with the student’s financial lead office to disburse funds. Reports and receipts are going to be made available to those who may need to verify the allocation of these contributions. This is to maintain the accountability and trust among the student community.”

Meanwhile, Tsikata also debunked claims of students paying for the UG@75 cloth indirectly which contrast the free distribution initiative organized by the SRC.

He elaborated that it was the University’s management’s act of appreciation to students for making contributions to the Legacy Project.

“Under the Boakye-Lincoln administration, the general assembly led by Rt. Hon . Ramzy passed a resolution for students to contribute an amount of GHC 100 each towards the Vice-Chancellor’s Legacy Project. The SRC lobbied for UG-branded souvenirs to be given to students in appreciation for their contributions. The cloth was the only available souvenir so that was distributed rather.”

Story by: Michelle Lartey | 

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